盛世收藏精品推荐 血玉平安扣

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盛世收藏精品推荐 血玉平安扣

成都博古轩拍卖有限公司【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。

Chengdu Boguxuan Auction Co., Ltd. [Tibet. Recommendation] column recommends art treasures selected by experts at the first level of national appraisal to buyers for the powerful dissemination effect of the collection. It helps collectors to bridge the gap, so that the value of thousands of art treasures can be excavated and valued, and high prices can be concluded at the auction.



  【类别】 玉器

【规格】直径57.6mm 半径23.9mm 重量84.5mm



[Name]Blood jade safe buckle

[Category] jade

specification Diameter 57.6mm radius 23.9mm weight 84.5mm

Show the price6000000.00 CNY


自古以来,无论哪个朝代,中国人对于玉器的喜爱已经到达了一种境界,由此还影响到了很多国家。古代的文人墨客,达官贵人无一不佩戴大小不一的玉器佩饰。无论是戴在颈间,或是佩在腰间,都能彰显出个人的气质。古词中写到:“君子无故,玉不去身,君子与玉比德焉”,可见古代君子对玉的重视程度。而血玉的造型多变,一般以扳指、手镯、平安扣为主。Since ancient times, no matter which dynasty, the Chinese people's love for jade has reached a state, which has affected many countries. Ancient men of letters and dignitaries all wore jade ornaments of different sizes. No matter be to wear between the neck, or it is to wear between the waist, can reveal the temperament that gives an individual. The ancient ci-poetry said: "the gentleman without cause, jade does not go to the body, the gentleman and jade than yan DE", it can be seen that the ancient gentleman on the importance of jade. And the modelling of blood jade is changeful, with pull commonly point to, bracelet, safe buckle is given priority to.

平安扣有很好的装饰作用和信息磁场,自古以来平安扣都视为一种吉祥团圆的象征。文中此桃花血沁平安扣,是明末时期的经典之作,素而无功之圆形传统佩饰,被赋予了简单朴实的寓意“平安”。平安扣从外形上看,其外圈是圆的,象征着辽阔天地;内圈也是圆的,象征我们内心的平宁安远。平安扣通体圆滑,与传承中国的传统文化“中庸之道”相符。古代称之为“壁”,有养身护体之效。在现代,平安扣常为情人间互赠之物,取平安之意。此平安扣色泽艳丽,鲜红与青色的完美结合,红色血丝清晰可见可与彩玉石媲美,画面组合协调,色美质丽,宛如桃花,颇具观赏价值。由于它质地十分坚硬,非常稀少,而深受收藏者的喜爱,它代表着吉祥如意大富大贵。在近年来随着人们生活水平的不断提高和各种饰品的流行,血沁平安扣已成为玉石中的精品,它的色泽和天然形成的纹路是其他玉石所不能替代的。Safe buckle has a good decorative effect and information magnetic field, since ancient times, safe buckle has been regarded as a symbol of auspicious reunion. This peach blossom blood qin ping an buckle, is a classic work of the late Ming dynasty, plain and reactive round traditional ornaments, is endowed with a simple meaning of "peace". From the appearance of the safety button, its outer circle is round, a symbol of the vast world; The inner circle is also round, symbolizing our inner peace and tranquility. Ping an button smooth body, and heritage of China's traditional culture "doctrine of the mean" consistent. Called "wall" in ancient times, it has the effect of nourishing the body and protecting the body. In modern times, peace deduction often for the lovers to give each other, take the meaning of peace. This safe buckle color gorgeous, the perfect combination of bright red and blue, red blood can be clearly seen and colored jade comparable, picture combination coordination, beautiful quality, like peach blossom, quite ornamental value. Because it is very hard, very rare, and by collectors love, it represents good luck and great wealth. In recent years as people's living standards and the popularity of all kinds of jewelry, blood qin ping 'an buckle has become the jade boutique, its color and natural patterns are other jade can not be replaced.

而血玉平安扣则是非机缘不可得,因为血玉的形成很难得,为玉中极其罕见的珍品,从血玉形成的时间上来说要经过几百年的时间才能成形。血玉平安扣的表面都会有红色的裂纹,这种红色的裂纹就像血液一样,我们在仔细观察之后会发现,真血玉平安扣的这些裂纹就像我们身体的血管一样,长期佩戴可以疏通血管、清热解毒,假血玉平安扣是做不到这些生动的裂纹的。And blood jade safe buckle is not good luck, because the formation of blood jade is very rare, extremely rare treasures for jade, from the time of the formation of blood jade through hundreds of years of time to shape. Surface blood jade peace clasp will have red crack, crack in the red, like blood, we will find that after careful observation, true blood jade peace buckle these cracks like our body's blood vessels, long-term wearing can dredge blood vessels, qingrejiedu, fake blood jade peace buckle is can't do these vivid crack.

血玉无论是现代产的还是来自古代的价格都非常昂贵。这两种方式也都要经过一定的时间的累积才能真正产出血玉。千年血玉一般值多少钱呢?据悉,一般血玉的价格都是几十万的,时间久的千年血玉价钱就更贵了,属于高端艺术品的范围了。品质好的“血玉”轻易能拍上百万。Blood jade is very expensive both in modern times and in ancient times. These two kinds of means also should pass the accumulation of certain time ability to produce blood jade truly. How much is a thousand years blood jade usually worth? It is reported that the price of general blood jade is hundreds of thousands of years, a long time on the price of blood jade more expensive, belong to the scope of high-end art. Good quality "blood jade" can easily make millions.

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